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Amy Grace

Who Am I?

Hello there, folks! This Is Amy Grace from the USA. 

I am a freelance photographer and writer for commercial photography, post-production, and ecommerce industries online. 

Writing has been my passion since childhood. I participated in some local writing competitions as well. But, being a full-featured commercial photographer for some years, it was hard to manage adequate time for writing. 

During the Covid pandemic hit in 2019, I struggled to manage photography gigs and faced some financial difficulties. That’s when I decided to fully devote my photography learnings and skills to content writing. 

I collaborated with Photzy, Iphotography, PixTeller, and some other websites. 

Getting to do what I love makes me feel at ease at last.

She is amiable and efficient to work with. I didn’t have blog content on my website. She willingly went through all the trouble from planning to executing, which brought quality traffic! She is knowledgeable, reliable, well-organized, and prompt. Her dynamic writing style amazes me; she understands concepts, purposes, and the readers and writes excellently. I have high hopes for her work and will definitely recommend her.

Kent DuFault

CEO & Founder

Why Should Writers Have Photography Knowledge?

Understanding Gears, Settings Helps Writing

As a writer, having niche-related ideas/knowledge is important. Writing reaches a vast audience and having knowledge on camera, its settings, and functionality, photography gears will help you solve readers’ problems.

Helps Writing

Assist Neophyte Photographers

We research to understand matters clearly. A well-written content satisfies readers’ thirst. This is especially helpful for the newbies. If the writer is knowledgeable enough, s/he can understand the readers’ quest and answer accordingly.

Approach The Right Audience

Photography niche writers have the advantage of knowing the struggle of photographing or shooting. They can pinpoint the problem, give information, and show direction. It helps them approach the actual struggling learners.

Approach The Right Audience
Deliver Accurate Message

Deliver Accurate Message

Google search shows us thousands of answers. But only the most relevant contents get to stay on top. Having photography knowledge as a writer helps you stay on board in the competition.

Why Work With Me?

Get Original Content

You will get SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free, grammatically correct, informative articles that are 100% unique. No compromise in quality!

It’s Detail-Oriented.

I will dig deeper, research your website, niche related keywords, then plan and strategize to deliver you the crafted content.

It's Traffic Generated.

Optimizing relevant keywords, I will create quality content that google prioritizes and will help drive traffic to your website.

So, Stay Stress-free.

Creating concise, easily readable articles takes quality time. I will handle this painstaking part for you.

I have a sturdy way of writing, for which writers can’t stick to me for long. But Amy is one of a kind! She is persistent and hard-working. From scratch, she followed my instruction with patience and did the job. It took time for her, but she has accomplished it. I wish her all the best!

Amar Guillen

CEO & Founder

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